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Don did not want to discuss this fellow boater so intimate things, heard smiled changed the subject and said: Laojiangdi you run the boat long time? . Ever since the age of sixteen on board, and now is fifty-seven, forty-one myself! , Old Jiang's words full of emotion, this child smooth river, put a sail boat Laojiangdi any gravity, bend from the rear deck aboard kick in and brought out a few stone pine, sip pot sale coach factory clearance , in addition to some other some kind of red paint and a big gourd.

Afternoon is separated because some far, there is no meaning Ling Wu Yujun children look so good, is not to see Don's face, just think when he resigned Riverside sing only good, good grace, until just meet She surprised at first as a young Don, but surprised at this moment Don into this quiet.

Ah, yes Linxiong, you also went to Yangzhou, and My pleasure! Don to follow loud greeting went over to see his mouth Linxiong is extra baggage stature middle forties, elegant costumes, especially that Liangpie mustache face is with sesame oil Shun before, shiny lesson, meticulous.