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Just listen to the sound of applause was a clear crisp woman, but the bow of the boat people was clearly wearing a pale blue men Rufu. Do not read, this is a bitch children, Wu Yujun side finishing with clothes Don walked into the side edges, A place where you go into a little do not know. Ever since the capital Dili women doing men's ladies begin later this trend will pass out from Chang'an, after a little meal, Wu Yujun suddenly excited, and this little mother has taste, stunning it! Zhesi mouth his mouth, while also constantly poke his hand into the back of the Don. Get up sale coach factory on , her back! .

I actually wrong stumped Tang became, in fact, he is simply a master of men and women on the circumstances, the high master? Being interlocked Dangkou Er Wu Yujun mind, just in front of the scene appears to let him begin to doubt their own eyes, the Tang Cheng ...... even so extended a hand to hold the hand of the little mother, dark slippery, coach factory on sale riverbank rugged, or I took you as well.

Fan Hu makers so, Don providers not better. Feng Jiali though never harsh looting Don boat house rules, and the surrounding small aboriginal land pirates fear heavenly country's powerful Tang Wei also deterred the boat to start with, but it Jiabu Zhu repeatedly storms and sea currents messy invasion. Don makers impairment that is very public.