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Incense, pouring wine, chickens, after boatman ritual things done so also back, but there together with his two Yan Zhuang woman. This board also tough than the shore, whatever the outcome, to find two Chuanniang tease bored child sale coach factory online outlet , Cheng Wu Yujun Gouzhuo shoulder and said: Do not say brother not mean that the two inside let you choose.

Tang Ling intended to move into range, has easily took her hand lanterns, which after all is the night to go to the riverbank is covered with weeds, how to make her a woman at the head and the line, I come! . Heard, Ling intended to cast a glance praise, but did not speak, let Don from her hand into the lantern picked up in the past. What did you coach factory online outlet sale say? Tang himself into the sound is too small, meaning Ling did not hear clearly.

Tang Cheng later grew up in the capital city after graduation but also in foreign subsidiaries, foreigners had seen more. These Wu Yujun is pointing only to let him sigh Tang actually has such a city outside. Not much surprise.