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Ling is still a pair of Italian men's dress, tall stature show a different kind of graceful fluttering in Rufu against the background, her features very fine, indeed stunning as said there's posture, but also characterized maximally With her face is not like most of the features of Tang is so slightly flat, big eyes Xiuting nose, including the coach factory sale online cheeks and lips looked very solid, this particular straight for her in the original color Adds a Laguna third of grace.

All the way to the line to put the owner. After a few days the trip finally came to head, Yangzhou to. Yangzhou in the Huaihe River, not far from eastbound through this sea, while attached to the sea, while the attached communication to the north and south of the Grand Canal, the special location makes Sui and Tang Dynasty Yangzhou become the most important commercial port city, but also the achievements it Xiong rich world crown hehe reputation.