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Hang up the phone, he started looking for a necklace. Can think of places to find, but found nothing. It took three days, in the wild Asian real still coming to work. Asian real how? Her family has not been to the phone? Green River next to a name Tsurumi ask male clerk.

See the master of this, but are afraid to ask Tsing Hang, just exit the cabin when turned, said something softly said: adults, do you want me to ask where the row boat Pro? . I myself do not have to ask? Who told you many things, and thus did not dare say a word Tsing Hang, bend backwards out of the cabin. Don went back into the side after a while indispensable disturbed children, just like this thing happened today simply can not make it clear that children, special things happened particular person in a particular environment, spiritual crossroads between the just moment later legends Like in love at first sight, not only others to look confused, that is to say when the parties themselves can not do anything to say in the end is how clear it was.