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Tang did not put into words my heart to back cabin changed a bamboo pattern shirt after stepping away from the ship to take on board. haunting look of excitement behind. When Don Kankan and other women to set foot on the boat, at the slab edge clothing Xiaohuan apricot welcoming hands lanterns slightly forward, blocking the back . This is my coach outlet online factory sale friend, to come to the same, to go with to the Tang to Carter, they listen to a female cabin channel: Tsing Hang, do not ask the guests to come? . Voice hardly ever, in the afternoon across the Italian ship applauded Ling came out from the cabin.

After disturbed for a while, since sleep, maybe talking about the soon to Yangzhou in the afternoon, he spilled the night I was not too far, no matter how frustrating, it also indirectly in the Tang to be able to fulfill a good night's sleep. Since then a few days to put the owner is OK, after the initial novelty. Apart from an occasional look into Don King children, the other to the time to read to pass the time, the last time the old man experienced in strict end is where he has a deep stimulation.